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158 S. Bridge Street
Struthers, OH 44471
Fax: 330-750-9410


"As a no profit agency we have to always be vigilant with our operating practices. Not only am I satisfied with the cost of the project, I am also satisfied with the service provided. I have peace of mind that our confidential documents are secure on our server. I want to thank Ralph and his entire team for a job well done."

Todd A. Marian
COO, Help Hotline Crisis Center

"We have been a client of Executive Computer Management Solutions for over ten years. The quality of service we have received from ECMSI has been superb. Their technical support of our network and stand-alone systems has been first rate and affordable. In addition, ECMSI updated our website to match the professional image we were seeking. They have been very responsive to our needs and have consistently demonstrated an ethical approach in our business relationship. I make a point of recommending ECMSI to other companies."

Michael Vallas
Practice Administrator, Ankle & Foot Care Centers

"I would like to thank you and your staff for a very positive year of transition to our new server, countless new PCs/laptops and your professional IT support. Do to the recent economic pressures it was essential for us to update our IT capabilities and increase efficiency. ECMSI helped us do just that on nearly every aspect of our system. Your upgrades and our employee’s direct access to your help desk has helped us  cover the loss of our internal on-site IT staffers and allowed us to achieve a manageable IT budget. ECMSI has stabilized and secured our network and continues to assist us on many facility integrating IT related issues, as they arise. You are currently managing our spam filtering, antivirus, local and remote backups (essential in emergency health preparedness) while proactively patching our systems and protecting us against security threats, thus reducing our downtime. We would like to thank ECMSI for your continued management support of our systems and our staff."

Wesley J. Vins, MS
Health Commissioner
Columbiana County General Health District

"Staff members are always polite and courteous when handling my computer issues. I appreciate that they call back to make sure my problem is fixed."

Robin Heniz, Meridian Services

"I had some problems with a pop up window coming on my screen every day at the same time. I believe the tech's name was Tom. He was very good. We worked on this project for a while trying to figure it out and he was very nice and attentive. We did figure out the problem and it was a pleasure working with him. If he said he would call me at a certain time he did it! You have a wonderful staff."

Wendy Rusback, Easter Seals

"ECMSI staff are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable - from the head of the company to the service techs to the receptionist. I highly recommend their services!"

Josiah Deeter, Youngstown Hearing and Speech

"My computer was not allowing me to print from the color copier, one call and within hours I had a tech fixing the problem. Thanks to the tech I am able to print from both color copiers."

Ed Guidos, Gia Russa

"I am a demanding person when it comes to keeping our plant running; ECMSI has performed admirably in helping me maintain the control Ethernet infrastructure, always accommodating changes we need to keep our plant up to date with the demand of new technologies to keep our competitive edge."

Rich Halleland, Gia Russa

"The ECMSI staff are always very friendly, professional and helpful. I appreciate their skills and assistance!!"

Pam Petras, Help Hotline

"I always get great service and fast action to my problems, even if it takes them awhile to figure out the issue, your team always are very friendly and very knowledgeable."

Debbie Chuck, Columbiana County Health Department

"ECMSI staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. It is always a pleasure to talk and work with them."

Jacob Campos, Meridian Services

"Great personalized service. Sometimes I think I have a stupid question or problem but I'm never treated like I do. It is so nice that I understand everything I'm be asked to do and I'm not made to feel I'm inept because I am not overly computer skilled. Thank you for your patience and helpfulness."

Kim Myers, Meridian Services

"ECMSI has alway been able to fix any issue I have had."

Steve Eastman, Carney McNicholas

"ECMSI's help desk is always VERY supportive and ensures clients are taken care of."

Vikki Cunningham, Easter Seals

"Everyone at ECMSI are very efficient and take care of problems promptly. I am always notified by email of exactly what is going on with my request. Your staff is very knowledgeable and are always available to answer any questions. Thank you for such great service!!"

Kelly Meenachan, Youngstown Hearing and Speech

"I had a problem with logging in over the weekend. I called ECMSI and within 15 minutes, a technician called me and within 10 minutes, I was back up and running. Great speed and tremendous service."

Mark Brown, Meridian Services

"I have always had technical issues taken care of while on the phone or definitely by the end of the work day. Love the staff, very friendly and personable. I trust that they can and will take care of any problem that arises. I feel they go over and beyond to keep us happy!"

Terri B., Ankle and Foot Care Centers

"Your savvy techs keep my computer rolling making it easy to produce quality work. I know that should trouble arise they are just an email or phone call away with the solution."

Stephanie Sanders, Roth-Blair

"You guys rock!"

Kelley Senchak, Meridian Services

"I've only had to reach out to ECMSI a couple of times but every time I have they have been very prompt at getting back to me and always resolved the issue within a timely manner."

Melissa Hager, Medallion Financial

"Response time is fantastic!"

Rita Fiumara, Easter Seals

"It is great to have a great company such as yourself work to make our lives here at Meridian better. Thanks for your timeliness and effective work. You all rock!!!"

Sonya Cole, Meridian Services


Matthew Miner, Meridian Services

"Whenever I have a problem you are on the mark. Also great follow up. Thank you!"

Carl Perlino, Gia Russa

"I always get great customer service when I call the Help Desk. Everyone is friendly, and very helpful. When the tech gets on the phone, they have been very knowledgeable and patient. They walk me through the problem or remote in and fix it fast. I'm very pleased with the service I get."

Theresa Stec, Meridian Services

"Has always been helpful and friendly."

David McKay, Easter Seals

"ECMSI is a great company. Their staff is friendly, attentive and courteous. There hasn't been a computer issue that I've run into that ECMSI couldn't fix. I recommend them to everyone I know."

Ryan Kellerman, Medallion Financial

"I was so impressed. They called very quickly and he fixed the problem remotely, while I was able to continue to focus on my work."

Teresa Burk, Turning Point Counseling Services

"Every time I call the center, I always get treated with respect. My concerns are never treated as 'stupid' or wasting the tech's time. The techs are always friendly, some personal conversation while I'm waiting for the programs to run. Always very professional.


"The first contact person who takes the intake information is very pleasant, she is the first person a customer 'touches' when calling the center, she represents the center well. The techs call back within a few minutes, I never had to wait long."

Karen Williams, Columbiana County Health Department

"ECMSI was very fast and helped me solve my problem. I would recommend ECMSI to anyone. Enjoy working with them."

Howard Elko, Carney McNicholas

"I have worked with numerous people from there and they have all been friendly and courteous, and do know what they are doing, and answer my questions. If I need help before hours they always get hold of me and help me out no matter how many times I call them. Or if needed they come to the office and fix the problems, no matter what I need, they are they are there for me. Great job and great people—keep up the good work, you guys are fabulous! I have worked with a lot of people but you guys are the best!"

Lynn Wolski, Ankle and Foot Care Centers

"I have had two encounters with the technicians and they were very interested in making sure they understood the problem and they were very eager to assist."

Melissa Kreps, Century Container

"I was working a weekend for the MAT and the computers went down. I couldn't check anyone in and the dosing nurse had to manually dose the clients. I called ECMSI, I let them know the situation we had on our hands and they had a guy out in no time to get our system back up & running. So thankful! Great job!"

Jessica Young, Meridian Services

"Every time I have needed your services everyone was extremely helpful and professional."

Bonnie Warrington, Meridian Services

"ECMSI has given our computer systems a much-needed upgrade. They have done the majority of these upgrades at non-peak hours, not to interrupt our daily and needed obligations to the community we serve. ECMSI's response to our agency's needs have been professional and helpful."

William Stamp, Meridian Services

"Easter Seals Home and Community Based Services team relocated to our Boardman facility and the ECMSI Team did a fabulous job packing and moving our computers and getting us set up at the new location. ECMSI scheduled a team to work with our group to meet our specific needs and we were up and running the next day. Great job ECMSI."

Maureen Pusch, Easter Seals

"The folks at ECMSI are wonderful! I always have a friendly greeting when I call in. The technicians are patient and extremely kind. Even if I call with a problem that is a very easy fix, they are never condescending. I know that any issue I have will be resolved very quickly. I'm treated more like a friend than merely a customer."

Brenda Zyvith, Roth-Blair

"I called the other day because I was having trouble with my computer, it was running very slow. Adam fixed some things and requested a memory for my computer to run better. He was helpful and knowledgeable."

Angie Paynter, Meridian Services