CM is not large enough to have their own IT staff and your organization fills our needs at a fraction of the cost. This includes issues with hardware as well as software and network issues. Since ECMSI has been partnering with Carney McNicholas, things have been much smoother. ECMSI may receive calls from any of our employees with issues and your staff is always quick to respond. If the issue cannot be solved remotely someone comes on site in a reasonable amount of time to fix whatever issues we may have. As for monitoring – in today’s environment this is a must. Unless you have a full time IT person at your service, companies need the service you provide. Your monitoring has provided CM with adequate security.

Pat Finn

Roth Blair Roberts Strasfeld & Lodge

While you may not be the cheapest, in my opinion, your pricing is within reasonable limits. The service is available whenever an emergency arises. While most things can be handled remotely if it is necessary for someone to come on site that has always been done in a timely matter. I have never felt that we are being slighted by ECMSI and considering the numerous issues that they are responsible for in our Firm, I feel it is money well spent. While you may not notice the many issues that monitoring eliminates, I can see by tickets entered by ECMSI that it catches many problems before they actually become problems. I have actually had technicians call me over the weekend to tell me there is something wrong before anyone in our Firm realizes it. If the problem can be fixed remotely it is done so, if not a technician is there first thing Monday morning to fix the problem & eliminate or minimize down time.

Valerie McCullough
Office Manager

Rudzik Excavating


With ECMSI monitoring our system we haven’t had any down time due to outside forces.

Everyone at ECMSI is knowledgeable, pleasant and easy to work with, even when I think that they are all speaking a “foreign” language! With ECMSI monitoring our system we haven’t had any down time (knock on wood) due to outside forces. Also, we had an employee lose a large bid that he was working on. With ECMSI maintaining our back up they were able to restore the work. We lost minimal time and were able to get the bid out in time.

Bonnie Rudzik

Grace Exterminating

You pay for great service at ECMSI and they monitor everything.

You pay for great service at ECMSI and they monitor everything and do back-ups every evening so nothing gets lost. Just having the back-up system is worth the money because you know if something goes wrong your information will be restored. They monitor as if they were working right in your office.

Rose Grace

Help Network

ECMSI has maintained our backups, security and overall network health seamlessly.

ECMSI has maintained our backups, security and overall network health seamlessly. In addition to keeping our network secure they deal with Time Warner so I don’t have to. ECMSI has been a great partner for me, they take a lot off my plate so I can attend to other business.


Todd Marian

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Gia Russa

That audit would have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for your asset management software and the amount of time they put in to get us compliant.

Monitoring has been very useful to us. There are many times when things go down at night that you guys fix it and I won’t even know it was broken until I came in the next morning and saw the email. Also we’ve had a few instances where we’ve gotten a crypto virus which locked half of our network share. Luckily we had pretty extensive backups and lost very little data. There has also been many times when we have deleted files that we needed or corrupted files, and because we had you guys manage our backups, it was very easy to obtain those files again. It’s saved me a few times when I corrupted program files I were creating and didn’t have my own backups. Also knowing that we could lose all 4 of our buildings and our data would be stored somewhere safe is very reassuring.

Greg Dzurinda
Computer Information Systems Supervisor

Old North Church

When it comes to up-time, data management, and digital communication, the experience and expertise of a trusted IT partner are worth the extra investment.

Our internal data is one of our most precious organizational resources. In today’s digital age, this precious resource is at risk due to unexpected hardware malfunctions, cyber-attacks, computer viruses, and more. Protecting and preserving our systems with a trusted partner offers a peace of mind that is almost impossible to quantify. Offsite monitoring allows us to focus on what we do best, rather than attempting to provide internal systems protection against threats that we don’t often know even exist.

Chris Drombetta
Executive Pastor

Easter Seals

I can’t imagine doing business without them now.

Price: As a non-profit, we spend our money very wisely.  We always try to keep costs down as much as possible so that there is more money to provide services to our clients. Over the years we have had CEO change over and have looked into other options for our IT services. ECMSI has always come out being our best and most economical option. I can’t imagine doing business without them now.

Christine Santangelo
Systems Administrator

Environmental Specialists

ECMSI has been able to address almost every problem we have had and in a very timely manner. We also think it’s important to have the personalized service that ECMSI gives us. I honestly believe that every company, no matter the size, should have some type of monitoring in place. We are a small business and have had a number of viruses and potential security breach issues that have been stopped thanks to the monitoring. If we haven’t had the monitoring, we could have potentially lost some extremely important company information or given someone outside our company the opportunity to gain access to private company information such as financial records. Also, having you maintain our backups is very important to us. In the event of a catastrophic event where we lose our office/plant, we know that our financial records, etc. are backed up and will still be available. Monitoring and overall network health is also important to us for our day to day operations. We rely heavily on our computers and network functioning every day. Being down for more than a few hours significantly hurts our productivity so knowing that ECMSI is available to help when needed is very beneficial.

Brittany Mayette
Director of HR

Columbiana County General Health District

Due to the recent economic pressures it was essential for us to update our IT capabilities and increase efficiency. ECMSI helped us do just that on nearly every aspect of our system. ECMSI has stabilized and secured our network and continues to assist us on many facility integrating IT related issues, as they arise. We would like to thank ECMSI for your continued management support of our systems and our staff.

Wesley J. Vins, MS
Health Commissioner