At ECMSI we let our team members speak for themselves. These inspiring and candid testimonials provide a unique window into the vibrant culture that defines our company. As you watch these videos, you’ll witness the genuine smiles and hear the genuine voices of our team, sharing their passion, career growth stories, and the sense of fulfillment they derive from being a part of our dynamic team. 

We believe that happy team members create the most productive and innovative work environments, and these videos are a testament to our commitment to fostering a workplace where people thrive. So, take a few moments to get to know our team, and discover the infectious enthusiasm that drives our collective success.


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Lauren Butka

“The best part about working at ECMSI is knowing that there’s always something new to learn and everyone I work with is extremely approachable. It’s pretty cool to work with a team with such a vast knowledge.”

Nick Fazioli

“I genuinely like everyone I work with, it’s an incredible environment. In many ways, coming into work doesn’t feel like work. Everyone is so helpful and ready to lend a hand which is not something I’ve ever experienced in other places I’ve worked.”

Steve Johnson

“I get along with my team very well. A lot of them, we have outside relationships where we go on hunting trips and golf outings. It’s like working with family, not co-workers.”

Andrew Shuger

“We’re all part of one big family from ownership down. Everyone’s opinions are encourage and listened to and you’re always treated with respect.”

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