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Step up to smart security.

Content Filtering Management
Content Filtering Management

ECMSI uses OpenDNS, which protects against many forms of attack, including malware, botnets, and phishing. We're unique in providing this protection via DNS and since almost all protocols and applications use DNS, whether they're malicious or benign, you get superb coverage.

Since we don't touch your data traffic, you can optimize throughput without suffering the loss in latency and effective bandwidth that comes with appliances and proxy services. You are also freed from the security concerns that come with sending traffic through a third-party vendor.

Our DNS service with its security features has been proven faster than other DNS services that have no security applied, so you'll experience an overall increase in performance along with all the additional benefits that come with the world's largest and most reliable DNS service.

Lock down your DNS.

Protection at the DNS level brings other unique benefits of the OpenDNS approach. OpenDNS prevents bots from contacting their command and control centers. This means that even if an actively infected machine is physically brought into your environment, it won't be able to operate or spread, preventing your unwilling participation in botnet attacks. This outbound protection also applies to any malicious software that attempts to transmit information outside your organization, giving you effective prevention against suspicious data leakage. Apart from saving your reputation, you will also save on bandwidth, since botnets have been found to constitute as much as 10%-25% of service provider traffic.

Lower your costs.

Infections prevent employees from working productively and also have a knock-on effect on their co-workers. Infections usually spread before they're detected and ultimately require expensive professional remediation. Even then, there's likely to be data loss. Our customers find that the cost of protection is offset many times over by the reduction in clean-up cost. With OpenDNS, you get the added peace-of-mind that if an infected machine is brought into your environment, we'll detect it so that you can stamp out the intrusion. OpenDNS offers the lowest total cost of ownership with no maintenance fees, no redundant appliances, no costly installation, no training, minimal staffing and a high-value service.


Benefits Of Content Filtering

Ensure compliance and limit liability — Ensure that everyone on your network follows your Internet usage policy blocking undesirable websites. By using a comprehensive high-quality content filtering solution, you'll limit any liability arising from employee or third-party legal action.

Improve productivity — If you're concerned about frivolous or personal use of your Internet connection, ECMSI’s recommended solution is an ideal solution that keeps everyone happy because it doesn't interfere with sanctioned usage.

Optimize your bandwidth — Prevent precious bandwidth from being wasted on inappropriate downloading or streaming, thereby improving performance for legitimate use. Swap out your appliances and regain the full use of your Internet connection.

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