ECMSI has been able to address almost every problem we have had and in a very timely manner. We also think it’s important to have the personalized service that ECMSI gives us. I honestly believe that every company, no matter the size, should have some type of monitoring in place. We are a small business and have had a number of viruses and potential security breach issues that have been stopped thanks to the monitoring. If we haven’t had the monitoring, we could have potentially lost some extremely important company information or given someone outside our company the opportunity to gain access to private company information such as financial records. Also, having you maintain our backups is very important to us. In the event of a catastrophic event where we lose our office/plant, we know that our financial records, etc. are backed up and will still be available. Monitoring and overall network health is also important to us for our day to day operations. We rely heavily on our computers and network functioning every day. Being down for more than a few hours significantly hurts our productivity so knowing that ECMSI is available to help when needed is very beneficial.

Brittany Mayette
Director of HR