That audit would have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for your asset management software and the amount of time they put in to get us compliant.

Monitoring has been very useful to us. There are many times when things go down at night that you guys fix it and I won’t even know it was broken until I came in the next morning and saw the email. Also we’ve had a few instances where we’ve gotten a crypto virus which locked half of our network share. Luckily we had pretty extensive backups and lost very little data. There has also been many times when we have deleted files that we needed or corrupted files, and because we had you guys manage our backups, it was very easy to obtain those files again. It’s saved me a few times when I corrupted program files I were creating and didn’t have my own backups. Also knowing that we could lose all 4 of our buildings and our data would be stored somewhere safe is very reassuring.

Greg Dzurinda
Computer Information Systems Supervisor