While you may not be the cheapest, in my opinion, your pricing is within reasonable limits. The service is available whenever an emergency arises. While most things can be handled remotely if it is necessary for someone to come on site that has always been done in a timely matter. I have never felt that we are being slighted by ECMSI and considering the numerous issues that they are responsible for in our Firm, I feel it is money well spent. While you may not notice the many issues that monitoring eliminates, I can see by tickets entered by ECMSI that it catches many problems before they actually become problems. I have actually had technicians call me over the weekend to tell me there is something wrong before anyone in our Firm realizes it. If the problem can be fixed remotely it is done so, if not a technician is there first thing Monday morning to fix the problem & eliminate or minimize down time.

Valerie McCullough
Office Manager