Now more than ever, manufacturing companies are in high demand and are putting an increased need to rely on their IT network to keep their core process efficient, productive, and profitable. ECMSI is dedicated to the success of its manufacturing partners. With the area’s leading advanced security, proactive toolset and access to 30+ highly skilled technicians, we’re here to increase uptime and productivity with stabilized, standardized and documented IT processes.

ECMSI Is Here to Serve You By...

Eliminating the need to address daily IT issues
Proactively monitor your network and address issues before they occur
Consistent communication and insight
IT Strategy and project management development
NIST Standards and Compliancy


  • Expertise

    By partnering with ECMSI, there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen before, and our highly skilled IT technicians specialize in working with manufacturers.
  • Maintain Tech Talent

    Outsourcing your IT support puts your practice as a lesser risk of outages as our team of 30+ employees proactively monitor everything on your network.
  • Extended Support

    ECMSI offers 24/7/365 support that guarantees an average response time of 19 minutes or less.
  • No Service Level Agreements

    No SLAs and the highest level of support every time.
  • Secured Network

    ECMSI will ensure that your company’s network is secure and that we have all your data backed up.
  • Less Hassle, Less Headache

    Our team proactively troubleshoots possible problems and allows you to focus on operations – not fixing tech issues.