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July 2009

To Host or Not To Host? That Is The Question.

There has been lots of talk regarding hosting services to run your business. What would be the reasons for these services? What are the issues or concerns? Is this the way to go for your business?

In brief, the reasons: The major claim for these services is to reduce IT expenses by consolidating your system and not having to have your own IT staff available for support.


Partner Appreciation

I would like to thank Mike Senchak of Mahoning Valley Hospital for partnering with ECMSI since January of 2002. The staff has always been great to work with and from me and my entire staff; we would like to say, "Thank You!" Mahoning Valley Hospital has 2 hospitals that we currently support. However, recently Mahoning Valley Hospital was purchased by Progressive Health Care, LLC, at the end of 2008. Mike Senchak has since moved on and I would like to personally say good luck in all your future endeavors and you will always be a friend.

We look forward to our continued relationship with the new CEO Mary Lou Sankovich and owners Ande and Herb Iwer. I would also like to thank Ande and Herb Iwer in continuing to use ECMSI as their IT resources for supporting the hospitals. We also look forward to our long term strategic plan to support the other two hospitals located in Indiana and relocating and integrating all IT systems into the Boardman Ohio Campus.

If you would like to see what Progressive and Mahoning Valley Hospital offers, please visit their websites at and
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Ralph Blanco
Ralph Blanco
Mahoning Valley Hospital
Progressive Healthcare
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Get an HP server with a 3 year warranty for small business that supports up to 15 users with a Microsoft server operating system for $1399.00. ECMSI will set up this secure environment at 25% off its normal cost with a support contract.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 Earns Another Top Rating from AV-Comparatives

Kaspersky Lab leads the industry in virus detection rates, antivirus and antispyware update frequency, and virus outbreak response time.Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009’s proactive protection has once again received top marks from the authoritative AV-Comparatives test lab. The Kaspersky Lab product demonstrated high-level heuristic detection of new malware with a minimal amount of false positives.

The Austrian antivirus test laboratory AV-Comparatives has published the second part of its report on testing conducted in February 2009 in which 16 popular antivirus products took part. The second part of the report contains test results for proactive, heuristic detection. Kaspersky Lab was also awarded a top rating of Advanced+ for the first part of February’s test.

Proactive detection allows new malicious programs whose signatures have not yet been added to antivirus databases to be detected. This functionality is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing numbers of new malicious programs and their modifications. (Read more)

Why Kaspersky?

Three Reasons for Online Backups

· In-house backup plans can sometimes overlook the obvious need for security. Many do not see the need to secure the backup data when the data is kept inside their own walls. There are statistics that speak for the need to do so. Employees often perpetrate damage, destruction and loss. Curiosity or revenge can push people to enter an arena they normally would not go into. Data can draw this type of response. Protecting and securing your data has a lot to do with protecting your employees.

· When one employee has committed a crime, everyone is subject to questioning. It does not make sense to leave the door open and having online remote backups can close that door.

· Online remote backup sends your data encrypted with a key only you hold. The backup process cannot be initiated except through authentication. You will know who requested the backup because you have identified and authorized certain people to do so and a log will tell you who performed the backup. In addition, once the data has arrived to the remote location, you should have the added security any online remote backup service would provide along with trained staff and a 24/7 Customer Service policy. Can you say the same for the backup data located in your office?

Let ECMSI come in and do a business analysis of your IT infrastructure and we'll guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the end results if you allow us to stabilize your environment.


Refer a company and receive $100.00.

If you know of a customer that needs IT support, fill-out this form.  If they allow us to do a presentation on ECMSI helping to stabilize their environment, we'll send you a check for $100.00. If they sign a support contract with us, we'll send you an additional $100.00.


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