We know you want to help those around you and we’re here to help you, help others. ECMSI is dedicated to helping organizations focus on their core activities and not their IT. Spending time fixing computer issues should not be on your to do list. By partnering with ECMSI, you can leave all the worries about your network behind and start focusing on the everyday activities it takes to run your organization. The peace of mind and value ECMSI offers with technology has been helping major nonprofitorganizations within the community for over 12 years.


  • Scalable and Cost Effective

    ECMSI develops IT solutions according to your needs and make It easy to scale IT resources based on funding and demand. ECMSI handles all IT licensing, upgrades and maintenance – we even streamline your budget to prepare for any IT-related costs.
  • Advanced Security

    ECMSI understand the raising cyber threats that nonprofits faceincluding, weak passwords, outdated software and insecure payment processors. ECMSI is here to ensure your network is secure from external threats and all your data is backed up.
  • No Service Level Agreements

    No SLAs and the highest level of support every time.
  • Secured Network

    ECMSI will ensure that your company’s network is secure and that we have all your data backed up.
  • Less Hassle, Less Headache

    Our team proactively troubleshoots possible problems and allows you to focus on your business – not fixing tech issues.

Productivity and Efficiency

ECMSI helps our nonprofit partners days easier and expand the reach of their programs by:

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
VoIP Telecommunication Infrastructure
Virtual and Hosted Desktops
Web Design and Hosting Services