Patch Management

Patch Level Management

Are your systems up to date and secure?

Keeping software up to date is the first step to preventing a critical security breach.

Patches to your software are done for three reasons:

  • To ensure that any issues with that version are fixed.
  • To close off any security issues that may be exploited by malicious software or individuals.
  • To ensure the performance of your software is being improved.

All of the above issues will take up a lot of your employee’s time and cost your organization a lot of money. And these are all completely avoidable issues!

How many times do your employees skip an update of their software? In our experience, it happens all the time. ECMSI will manage your Windows and non-Windows patches for you for a fixed monthly price and make sure you are protected and optimized all at the same time!


Benefits Of A Managed Patch

Improved Productivity — Ensuring that your software is patched with the most recent updates ensures that your employees are benefiting from any performance enhancements and bug fixes that occurred due to the new patch.

Improved Security — Patches are the number one method for existing software to plug any unwanted holes that they have found are getting exploited. Not patching your machines puts your organization at unnecessary risk.

Reduce operating costs — A direct result of improved productivity is a reduction in operating costs. After all, payroll is your company's number one expense, so maximizing your employee's ability to perform is paramount.

Total peace of mind — We guarantee that your software will be updated for you every month, so you never have to worry about it again!

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We know that you just want it to work! We also know that there are a lot of unknowns for the average business owner when it comes to IT. We want to arm you with the best questions to ask anyone coming into your environment claiming they can help you with your IT woes.


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