Phone Systems

ECMSI has teamed up with Allworx® to provide one of the best-in-class phone systems to all of our partners. If you are a current partner, find out how ECMSI can help implement Allworx® in your office to deliver the best phone experience that includes the following:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • All-in-one approach: All the essential VoIP features are included with every system.
  • Seamless experience across servers, IP phones, and software applications.
  • Web-based administration site for easy adds/moves/changes.
  • Web-based My Allworx Manager for end-users.
  • Robust portfolio of advanced software options for creating a tailored VoIP solution.
  • Up to 100 networked sites.
    • Real-time sharing of contacts across mobile devices (via Reach), Outlook (via Interact Professional), and Verge IP phone.

    • Remote control of Verge IP phone using your mobile device (via Reach)

    • Instant handoff of calls to and from your mobile device and Verge IP phone (via Reach)
    • Bluetooth® hands-free

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