Physical Security

Verkada is the Smarter Physical Security Solution.

Verkada provides an extensive selection of enterprise security solutions encompassing cameras and access control. Seamlessly integrated and managed through a unified cloud dashboard for streamlined efficiency.

Camera Systems

Hybrid cloud cameras offer onboard storage and edge–based processing to reliably deliver insights in real–time. Simple to use, secure by default, and bandwidth friendly – Verkada cameras are easy to scale and manage from anywhere.

  • Reduce hardware overhead
  • No single point of failure
  • Bandwidth–friendly

Access Control

  • Plug-and-play access control solution built for ease of use and limitless scale.
  • Wireless Locks: Easily configure interior and low-traffic doors
    with Verkada Command for more control
  • Lockdown Capabilities: Instantly secure buildings & people from a button, Verkada Pass or Command

Verkada Pass App –

  • Use your smartphone as a mobile credential
    with the free Verkada Pass App
  • Use mobile phone to lock and unlock doors.
  • Administrators can initiate a lockdown in one tap.

Command Platform

Manage devices, users and sites from a single pane of glass — accessible from a simple web browser or mobile app

  • Unlimited user seats and
    cloud archiving
  • Remote access from any browser or mobile device
  • Customizable level of site permissions
  • Automatic updates and new features
  • Access to top–rated mobile app
  • 24/7 worldwide technical support

What Makes Verkada Special?

Monitor Anywhere

Access footage and events from any computer or mobile device – no downloads required.

Automatic Updates

Automatic firmware updates keep hardware up-to-date and cyber-secure.

Device Health & Status

Always know the health and status of your devices, including offline or low power alerts.

Native Video Integration

Access control, alarms, and sensors integrate seamlessly with camera feeds for added context.

Simple Setup

No NVRs/DVRs, thick clients or added configurations – just a PoE connection.

Easily Share Feed

In an emergency situation, easily share links of live camera footage via SMS or email.

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