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ECMSI's team is focused on keeping you productive. Our help desk resolvesĀ over 70% of all issues remotely, saving our partners time and money. Thirty-five percent of our tickets are self-generated from our state-of-the-art network monitoring system that alerts us when there is an issue that can cause future problems and downtime. Being proactive, not reactive, is the key to our success in providing our customers stability.

Partner with ECMSI and stay focused on your business and keeping your staff productive.

Proactive Managed Services

Security Suite

  • Proactive Remote Maintenance and Support

    Proactive Remote Maintenance and Support to avoid interfering with productivity of the employees on your business network.

  • Patch Level Management

    Patch Level Management to ensure that the Windows servers in your network are always updated with the latest Microsoft security patches.

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  • Virus Protection Monitoring and Maintenance

    Virus Protection Monitoring and Maintenance to ensure that your antivirus programs are functioning properly and updates to your system are being received and installed.

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  • Content Filtering Management

    Content Filtering Management to reduce the chances of malicious malware.

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  • Backup System Monitoring and Management

    Backup System Monitoring and Management to ensure that your computer system backups occur as scheduled and that your important business data is backed up properly.

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  • Mobile Device Encryption

    Mobile Device Encryption to keep you compliant in case of loss or theft.

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  • Email Encryption

    Email Encryption to keep you compliant.

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  • Spam Filtering

    Spam Filtering to stop spam at the e-mail gateway before it reaches your company's network.

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Business Management Services

  • Availability, Performance and Predictive Network Failure Monitoring

    Availability, Performance and Predictive Network Failure Monitoring to ensure your key business tools, such as e-mail and Internet, are functioning optimally and efficiently.

  • Email Archiving

    Email Archiving —archiving email can assist in business deals or providing proof of intent if needed.

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  • Network Health Assessment

    Network Health Assessment to determine the overall stability of your computer network.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting to continually inform you about the current health of your computer network and to outline the work performed.

Value Added Services

  • Priority Response

    Priority Response —when unforeseen emergency issues do arise, you move to the front of the service ticket queue.

  • Scheduled On-Site Network Technician Time

    Scheduled On-Site Network Technician Time for proactive and preventative Windows Server maintenance.

  • IT Consulting Services

    IT Consulting Services to help you rationalize your IT spending, enabling you to make more informed business decisions—you'll get CIO expertise without the CIO price tag!


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Executive Computer Management Solutions Inc. (ECMSI), based near Youngstown, Ohio, integrates the latest in computers and technology with your business. ECMSI provides custom solutions, IT management, cloud services, networking software, backup solutions, computer training, and web development for your small to medium sized business.


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