See what our partners have to say about working with ECMSI:

BOC Water Hydraulics

“ECMSI is not replacing me, or trying to take my job, we’re taking a co-managed approach at IT. We’re wanting to work together. Their #1 goal as a company is that we’re up and running and we’re smooth. At the end of the day they just want to see everything be secure and us up and running.”

– Zach Himes | IT Manager

“I think the biggest think I looked at is that they [ECMSI] cared. That aspect of caring about their clients came off when they were selling to us, but it never stopped.”

– Tim Harrington | Chief Operating Officer

Easterseals of Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties

“It’s so important to us to have a partner that has the same core values and has the same empathy and the same approach that we have, and that customer service and client focus is our number one priority. A big part of our strategic plan is increasing our innovation of our services and along with that comes an increase in technology. Our partnership with ECMSI is vital in making all those pieces come together.”

– Jody Klase | CEO


City of Cortland

“You really don’t know the need for your IT service until it becomes a need. And then in that case, when that happens, you appreciate what you did several years ago and that was to partner with ECMSI.”

– Patti Gibson | Finance Director


NEO Urology Associates Inc.

“ECMSI has been a good partner for us. The success of our business is directly related to how well our computers run. Every time we’ve had an issue, if  it’s a phone issue, a computer issue, as server issue, a business decision, when we call ECMSI they’re there for us.”

– Dr. Mark Memo

Roth Blair

“Clearly, they’re well trained in customer services. Sometimes when something needs to be done right this minute, or I need to get something files and the pressure is on, our voices can get a little high and we can get a little frustrated. But the techs [at ECMSI] do a great job of keeping calm and keeping us under control and getting our solutions fixed. You’re going to find at ECMSI someone who will listen to you and what your issues are.”

– David Barbee | Attorney


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