Every minute counts in today’s business and it only takes a few seconds for malicious activity to infect, cause harm and remove traces of itself. With ECMSI’s Virus and Malware services offers prevention, detection, and response to threats within your network.

All of the security measures available mean nothing if your employees click on a malicious link or attachment.


  • A Fully Managed Solution

    We include enterprise-class endpoint software, monitored 24/7/365 and managed by a teach of highly skilled experts that will provide your business with comprehensive reports to ensure your network and devices are always protected.

  • Protect Your Company’s Critical Information

    Our proactive approach ensures an additional later of security against all types of unknown malware, internet threats and targeted attacks.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

    Security incidents cause a loss of productivity, increased downtime and cost a significant amount to your company.

  • Flexible Security Solution

    Our advanced security services off the appropriate security for any size of company or network and can be scaled as your business grows.

  • Total Peace of Mind

    Anti-virus solutions are not entirely effective. With ECMSI, you can rest assured that all your servers, PCs and laptops are always protected.